Nolan urges more funding for mental health services for young people

Many young people across Galway struggle with mental health issues daily and there needs to be stream-lined, responsible, and dependable services to which they can turn.

This is the view of Labour Galway West TD Derek Nolan who is calling for co-ordination and streamlining of organisations which help people at risk of suicide. He is also demanding that the Government continue to invest in research, training, and coordination of efforts to prevent suicide and promote good mental health.

According to Dep Nolan, there were 507 suicide deaths registered in 2012 and 81 per cent of these deaths were male.

“When people feel the need to reach out for help,” he said. “It is important they know where they can get help but it is equally important that we have confidence in the service that is provided to them. Strong, appropriate, and effective services are needed and the stigma attached to availing of these services is eliminated.”

Dep Nolan praised the “tremendous work being carried out in Galway” by mental health groups such as Jigsaw. He said: “It is with organisations and individuals with vision such as this that we can continue to work to raise awareness of mental health issues and suicide


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