Nuns Island Theatre to host major meeting on Palestine

A major meeting on Palestine, with reports from people who have been on the ground, as well as an interactive exhibition, and fair trade market, will take place tomorrow in the Nuns Island Theatre.

From 1pm to 6pm, an interactive art installation entitled The Wall - 1948 -2008 timeline by UPstart will be on display. It will mark the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba - the ‘day of the catastrophe’ which marks the Palestinian exodus following the 1948 Palestine War - and 60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There will also be a Christmas market including Trocaire’s gift of an Olive Tree to Palestine, fair trade goods from Palestine, and Mount of Olive imports.

At 8pm the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign will hold a discussion and debate. IPSC members Marie Crawley and Elaine Murtagh will review 2008 and provide updates on the recent meetings with the EU and the Dáil.

Richard Kimball will also report from his latest visit to Palestine. Richard runs Mount of Olives Imports - a Galway-based company set up to sell Palestinian Fairtrade olive oil in Ireland which supports a special needs school in Gaza and re-invests the profits back into schools and youth projects in the West Bank and Gaza.

There will also be updates on the Free Gaza Movement, which aims to set up a regular ferry route from Cryprus to Gaza. The group also includes two British Jewish academics. There will also be reports from NUI, Galway’s Palestine Solidarity Society.

“As tension and repression continues in Palestine there is an urgent need for people to unite and take action.” said organiser Niamh Moloughney. “We have organised a forum for discussion on the need to build active solidarity amongst ourselves and the peoples of the region. To debate and brainstorm ideas/plans/connections/trade and support for the non-violent resistance to the occupation this coming year


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