All-new Range Rover Sport debuts

The new 2014 Range Rover Sport officially debuted in New York recently and brough the city to a standstill when 007 James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, did the launch honours.

The Range Rover Sport is a dynamic and class looking mode, shedding its more conservative look. While the new Sport sits on the same lightweight platform as the new Range Rover, it is not a baby brother to the king of SUVs. In fact about 75 per cent of the Sport is new and unique. It has an all-aluminium body with the weight saving over the current Sport delivering economy and emissions improvements of up to 15 per cent.

The Range Rover Sport will come with a wide choice of engines, many of which will be similar to those in the bigger Range Rover. Initially when the new Sport arrives in Ireland in September or October, there should be a 288bhp SD V6 diesel, with the probability of a 255bhp TD V6 and/or 335bhp SD V8 diesels, plus a hybrid following during 2014. There will be other petrol and plug-in options too.

A big change that existing owners will notice straight away is the dropping of the rotary pop-up controller for the eight-speed automatic gearbox, in favour of a new electronic stick control as well as paddles on the steering-wheel.

Another one to be aware of - if you go for the extra seats option, you will lose the full-size spare wheel to a space saver.

And for the question all existing owners have been asking, we heard a whisper that while prices will be higher than the current model, it will not by that much.


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