Audi reaches milestone of five million quattro drive systems

Audi celebrated a special occasion recently – the five millionth Audi with a quattro drive system.

The car is a white Audi A6 allroad 3.0 TDI. The record is a testament to the leading role played by the pioneering all-wheel drive – no other premium brand in the world can claim such high sales figures for a four-wheel drive or a comparable range of models boasting more than 140 quattro variants.

Quattro technology debuted in 1980 in the legendary, original quattro car. Adding together all of the available body types, engines and drive systems amounts to more than 140 different models. Audi offers the widest range of cars by far with all-wheel drive: the Audi Q7, R8, A4 allroad, A6 allroad as well as all S and RS models are available exclusively with quattro drives; Audi offers it as an option in all other model lines.

Mark O’Connell, general manager of sales of Audi Ireland, commented: “Technology and innovation is at the heart of the Audi ethos and it is a great achievement to have reached this milestone today of five million Audi quattro drive systems sold.”

“Quattro is one of the key pillars of our brand and has been a critical factor in our successful history,” said Rupert Stadler, chairman of the board of management of Audi AG.

“The quattro permanent all-wheel drive makes it possible to directly experience our Vorsprung durch Technik. We are committed to our pioneering role and will continue to develop this advantage with new technologies.”

Quattro is more than a technology – it is an icon. The name represents driving safety and sportiness, technical competence, and a dynamic attitude that does not let even adverse road conditions hold it back. The success of the quattro models on the road and in motorsport have contributed, as did a legendary series of TV commercials – beginning with the ski jump in Kaipola, Finland, which the Audi 100 CS quattro climbed in 1986 on its own power.

Locally, Audi Galway have quattro demonstrators available for test drive in the A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5 and Q7 model ranges.

Commenting on the five millionth quattro car, Cathal Byrne, dealer principal of Audi Galway, added: “Quattro, above all else, is excellent value in comparison to other marque’s all-wheel drive systems. Starting from less than €2,000, quattro has never been as accessible and transforms the driving experience as well as adding a higher level of active safety to the entire range.”

To take advantage of an invitation to drive the quattro range, contact Audi Galway 091 336000.


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