Let Celtic Invoice Discounting oversee your cash flow issues

Celtic Invoice Discounting has been providing cash flow for SMEs in Ireland for over 12 years. It specialises in transactional based and one off discounting which appeals to many Irish businesses who do not need to fund their entire ledger.

It also ensures a more controlled cost associated with the discounting. Irish owned, and independent Celtic has three offices: one in Mayo, Offaly and Dublin.

Facilities can be set up within two weeks of seeing Clients. Clients use the discounting as and when their business requires the cash flow, and clients only pay as and when they utilize the service. There are no hidden fees, no admin, no audit, and no ‘miscellaneous’ fees.

Celtic provides commercial and flexible facilities for clients whose businesses are growing as well as ongoing cash flow solutions for clients who may require funding to meet a specific order.

Credit Insurance for your debtor: As an extra product Celtic also provides a brand new to the Irish market Credit Insurance product. This offers clients added security in the event of customers failing to pay.

For more information please contact Rita O’Brien (Director ) on [email protected] www.celtic-id.com


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