Put money saving coupons on your smartphone for 2013 with Woosh Wallet

Pictured testing out  Woosh Wallet are Woosh's Gillian Higgins, and staff from the Huntsman Inn from left to right Jane Broderick, Kevin O'Reilly and Magda Oles.

Pictured testing out Woosh Wallet are Woosh's Gillian Higgins, and staff from the Huntsman Inn from left to right Jane Broderick, Kevin O'Reilly and Magda Oles.

Discount coupons, free coupons, money-saving coupons…who knew it was so easy to save money with smartphone coupons? Galway-based Woosh Wallet’is a new app for iPhone and Android that offers you just that. Coupons on your phone that you simply show to your server to redeem.

After downloading Woosh Wallet for free, you can browse coupons under eight different categories, save the ones you like to your new wallet and ignore the ones you are not interested in. You will find coupons for meal deals, haircuts, groceries, beauty treatments and much more. Your discount coupons are no longer in the other jacket, on the floor, in the car, they are on your smartphone.

“To use any coupon you simply show it to your server and they will do the rest. It is as simple as that. The official launch of Woosh Wallet will be in January of 2013 and we will continue to add companies and discount coupons between now and then,” says developer Mike Fitzpatrick of Bullet Design.

“ We are delighted to already have on board some very well know Galway businesses including Nestors SuperValu, The Huntsman Inn, O’Connells Bar, Monroes Live, Kozzy/Koztellos and The Ardilaun hotel to mention but a few. So download today and check in every so often to see the new offers as they are added. If you want to be notified of new offers just ‘like’ our Facebook page as this is the only place we will announce new customers and offers. If you have comments or suggestion this is also another place you can contact us,” he said.

The decision was made very early not to email the users of ‘Woosh Wallet’ as we felt a lot of people are now being bombarded with emails about offers they didn’t ask for and don’t want. So we made the decision not to do this. Offers are automatically updated on the app and new offers are being added all the time, the user can browse in their own way in their own time. It’s ideal when you are killing time. Have a quick look and save what you like to your Wallet to use at a later time.

The only other extra feature we added was a ‘Day Before Alert’. What this does is after you have saved a coupon you liked to your Woosh Wallet, it will send you an alert the day before it expires as a reminder that you have one day left before the offer is no longer valid. Offers after they have expired disappear off your phone as if they were never there.

“For business owners reading this we have spent a lot of time considering how this will work simply and efficiently for your business. We have developed a unique automated reporting system that requires no changes to tills, no writing down of codes or anything like that. The reporting system is totally automated, contact us for more details.

We invite you all to download ‘Woosh Wallet’ for free over this Christmas period for your android or iphone and enjoy our everyday discount coupons for everyday things,” said Mr Fitzpatrick.

For further details you can contact Mike Fitzpatrick, Bullet Design, College Road, Galway. Phone 091 562929 or email [email protected] Check out www.woosh.ie


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