People urged to take part in online alcohol survey

Information from an online survey being conducted locally will help develop a five year strategy to reduce alcohol related harm in the city.

The Galway Healthy Cities project, in conjunction with the Western Region Drugs Task Force, is offering everyone an opportunity to have a say through a brief online survey located on The information from the survey will help develop a strategy to reduce alcohol related harm in the city and will be shaped by the forthcoming Government Strategy on Alcohol.

The Galway Healthy Cities project, and its partner agencies, are keen to protect and promote Galway’s nightlife and events while recognising that there are ways to socialise in a safer way.

“The harmful effects of alcohol are well documented and visible, with increased numbers presenting at emergency departments at weekends, increased alcohol related crime, harmful effects on others and long-term negative health effects such as cancer,” explains Liam O’Loughlin, a community liaison worker employed by the City of Galway VEC on behalf of the Western Region Drugs Task Force.

He says alcohol forums are developing an alcohol harm reduction strategy for Galway city and want to engage the public in this discussion and debate on both the issues and the possible solutions.

“There are strategies which can be put in place that are shown to reduce the amount of alcohol related harm without interfering with anyone’s enjoyment of a night out. We are hoping to enlist enough support from local people and local agencies to implement an appropriate strategy for Galway city.”

He adds that Galway city is fortunate in that it attracts many festivals and celebrations throughout the year which benefit the local economy greatly. However, the extent to which some engage with alcohol can create difficulties for others.


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