Cycling to work — Could you?

Want to save money, get fitter and feel better, then Galway Transportation Unit, Galway City Council invites you to cycle more often in Galway City.

With more than 50 per cent of the city's population living 4Km or under from their workplace, college or school, the forthcoming Cycle to Work, School and Campus Days taking place during Galway Bike Festival (June 16-24 ) provide numerous excellent opportunities for people of all age groups to cycle rather than travel by car.

Galway Transportation Unit points out that lots of people are already back on their bikes as part of the 10 Minute Cycle Challenge taking place from June 6 to June 26, which particularly targets new cyclists who receive extra bonus points in the challenge.

Cycling Benefits

Research highlights increased wellbeing, health and concentration levels amongst workers who cycle rather than drive to work and organisations which have proactively developed a cycling culture find an increase in staff morale, less absenteeism and higher work satisfaction levels.

Within this context, Galway Transportation Unit invites employers throughout the city to take a fresh look at how their staff are travelling to work highlighting that even simple measures such as inhouse promotion of the bike purchase scheme or free coffee/fruit to go during cycle to work days can often activate staff to once again discover the benefits of cycling.

A spokesperson for Galway Transportation Unit added that people who have begun cycling after a break (of decades - in some cases ) highlight a number of benefits including the reliability of cycle journeys relative to car, petrol savings and health benefits.

Again and again people who have taken up cycling comment on their surprise at how much quicker they can get to work by bike. Others highlight that they have all their excercise done en route to and from work, which frees up time for other hobbies and interests.

Bike Purchase Scheme

During Galway Bike Festival, everyone in the city will have an opportunity to participate in cycling on their own or by participating in one of the numerous events taking place from Saturday June 16. The programme provides a broad spectrum of cycling activities ranging from children’s bike races, Wild West Tour Sportif of Connemara, a Criterium in the Claddagh, bike rental from Spanish Parade, Cycling Photographic Exhibition in Westside Library and events in Merlin Park Woods, Moycullen, Caltra, Oranmore and Terryland Forest to mention just a few.

New events are also coming on stream including bike racing in Balinfoile and a cycling themed table quiz which is being organised by Junior Chamber Galway. For this Festival, Galway Transportation Unit is inviting everyone to dust off their bike or borrow a bike and give cycling a go.

People are also encouraged to avail of the significant tax savings available by purchasing a bike under the Bike Purchase Scheme where a bicycle and related accessories such as waterproof cycling gear, lights and locks up to a maximum of €1,000 can be purchased over a period of up to 12 months.

Galway Bike Festival begins this Saturday June 16 and continues through the week to Sunday June 24. The full bilingual programme can be viewed or downloaded at: For more information on Galway Bike Festival, contact Galway Transportation Unit, Galway City Council at: (091 ) 894328 or by email: [email protected]


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