Call for Town Hall to be renamed the Michael Diskin Theatre

A call has been made to rename the Town Hall Theatre the Michael Diskin Theatre in honour of the venue’s long serving manager who passed away last week.

The proposal has been made by Galway based poet and short story writer Susan Millar DuMars.

“In light of the recent, untimely death of Michael Diskin, and his years of enthusiastic service to the Town Hall Theatre as well as to the arts in Galway generally, I suggest we consider changing the name of the Town Hall Theatre to the Michael Diskin Theatre,” she said “It seems a good way to honour Mike’s legacy and his service to our city. If his family agree to such a plan, I urge our city council to enact it.”

Mr Diskin’s friend Ollie Jennings, the manager of The Saw Doctors has called for Mr Diskin’s contribution to the development of young theatre talent in Ireland to be recognised through an awards system.

He said: “I would love to see the Arts Council, or the Galway City Council, or one of the festivals or somebody offer a bursary or a scholarship to be given each year to young theatre talent as a way to honour Mike.”


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