Galway Rowing Club appeals for new boat

Galway Rowing Club, the city’s oldest, is appealing for financial support for the purchase of a new boat.

The club will hold a series of fundraising events over the Easter holiday, and club president Paddy Lally says the help of the community is needed to enable the club to purchase a new boat for its junior women’s crew to “help them achieve their dreams”.

The boat, costing €12,000, will replace the one currently used by the girls for training, which, bought several years ago for a men’s crew, is too big for the girls. This junior women’s crew created history for the club last year when winning for the first time the Irish title in the novice eights at the national championships.

“Now with another 12 months under their belts, their coaches are aspiring to win the eights, fours, and pairs at the Junior 18 women’s event in July. To achieve this ambitious quest, the girls need a new four-boat,” Lally says.

The fundraising weekend will kick off on Good Friday with the club’s annual flag day on the streets of Galway, while a horse-racing event will be held on Easter Sunday in the clubhouse at Woodquay. To sponsor a horse costs €10 while a race costs €100.

“I know we are in very recessionary times, but still I appeal to all to help these girls achieve their dreams. All money collected from both events will go directly to the boat fund.”


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