Portumna students go udderly mad with new short moo-vie

Students and teachers at Portumna Community School have been startled over the past few weeks by the sight of a cow running through the corridors and stealing the lunches off the students.

The cow is the star of a short film, entitled Milkin the Moment, is being made by a group of transition year students as part of their entry into the National Diary Council’s ‘Milk It’ competition designed to promote dairy-consumption among teenagers. Taking up the starring role was student Aoife Keary who stepped into the costume of the cow Mega Moorio who is startled by a newspaper report that teenagers do not consume enough dairy products.

In the film Mega Moorio rushes to Portumna Community School and starts to replace the students’ fizzy drinks and junk-food with dairy products. The students rise up against this and chase Mego Moorio through the school until she is trapped and confesses to what she has done.

Milkin the Moment is the result of a series of workshops between the transition year students and TV writer/director Niall Fallon, a Galwayman with more than a decade’s experience on TG4’s Ros na Rún and RTÉ’s Fair City, as well as on the recent internet teen-drama Na Rúin.

During the workshops the students decided to make a video of their own and enter it into the competition.

The short film has since been posted on Youtube where it has racked up more than 1,000 views in under a week and has gone truly global with confirmed reports of it being watched in places as far flung as Abu Dhabi and Toronto.

Since their udderly-mad adventures the students at Portumna Community College have now caught the filming bug and have already started production on their next short film, a romantic comedy about environmental pollution. Who knows what strange creatures might be running amok in the school corridors next?

To view the short moo-vie log onto Youtube and search for ‘Bring on the Bainne’, or alternatively enter the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r77PgmiSZuY ).


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