Table quiz for Gaza Focusing Project Support

A fundraising table quiz in aid of the Gaza Focusing Project Support Group takes place in Lohan’s, Salthill, this Tuesday at 8pm.

The aim of the Gaza Focusing Project Support Group is to raise funds to provide psychological support for the children of Gaza, many of whom are suffering from the effects of serious post-traumatic stress disorder as a direct result of war and conflict.

To date €8,000 has been raised in support of the ongoing efforts to teach the focusing technique to local community facilitators in Gaza. Following training, the local facilitators will pass on the skills to at least 300 people. Further facilitators will then be trained so that the benefits can be spread as widely as possible through the community.

The cost per table of four is €40. Those wishing to get involved can contact Richard Kimball on 087 - 2375789 or email [email protected]


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