Can you answer these questions and help Little Acorns?

1 - In which musical does the song 'Summertime' appear?

2 - What is a gallivat?

3 - What is the text of an opera called?

4 - Where is Lime Street railway station?

5 - What sort of creature is the Russian Blue?

(Answers are at the bottom of this piece )

Little Acorns Kilcoona Community Childcare are holding their annual fund-raising table quiz in Campbells Tavern, Cloughanover tomorrow night (Friday 21 ) and everyone is invited along to test their general knowledge skills and enjoy a great night out.

Little Acorns is a community child care service based in Kilcoona Community Centre, near Headford. The service is managed by a voluntary board comprising parents and other community members.

Started in 1999 with seven pre-schoolers, the service has grown considerably since then. Currently, Little Acorns offers two daily pre-school sessions, full day care for children aged over three years and an after-school care service which collects children from Kilcoona, Cloughanover, Headford, and Kilroe national schools. Forty eight local families use the service today

Recently Little Acorns has been awarded capital funding for a custom-built child care centre. A site has been purchased and building has commenced on the project in Kilcoona. This new building will cater for up to 80 children, to include babies, toddlers, pre-school and after school children. The new building will be operational in May 2009 and will offer parents – working, in education or at home – a flexible, affordable community child care service. Little Acorns can be contacted on 091-793101

Friday night’s quiz begins at 9.00pm sharp, tickets are €5 each for tables of four, and there’ll be a raffle and spot prizes galore. Now to see how sharp you are for the quiz, check how you did with the questions above.

The answers to the Little Acorns Table Quiz questions above are-

Q1 – Porgy and Bess

Q2 – A boat

Q3 – The libretto

Q4 – Liverpool

Q5 – A cat



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