Bring back bottle banks to The Claddagh, says Connolly

If recycling is to continue in The Claddagh then the Galway City Council must install new bottle banks in the area, according to Independent councillor Catherine Connolly.

Cllr Connolly said the recent removal of the bottle bank at Raven’s Terrace was “not helpful” given that the council is continually encouraging the public to recycle.

She alleged that the bins were removed “ without any consultation with the Strategic Policy Committee”. However she did acknowledge that there were difficulties with illegal dumping which were a cause of concern.

However Cllr Connolly said the Raven’s Terrace bottle bank was one that local residents “made great use of and one which was within walking distance of a substantial number of houses”.

Cllr Connolly has raised the matter with council officials and will also be raising it at the next council SPC meeting with a view to placing another bottle bank in The Claddagh.


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