New Lexus GS is bolder and more dynamic

Lexus previewed the new GS last week at an event in California, while the eorld premiere of the new GS450h hybrid will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The car will reach the Irish market early next year.

Lexus tells us the new GS brings a more engaging driving experience, bolder design, and a more spacious, contemporary interior, heralding a new chapter in the history of Lexus.

Starting with the bold spindle grille, which Lexus says is set to be a signature feature of future Lexus models, the new GS conveys an air of confidence. This is supported by a redesigned chassis with a wider, more imposing stance that the Japanese executive/luxury car maker signals is designed to reward the driver with crisp and precise handling.

The body is also more aerodynamic with a stiffer structure, and it also promises a transmission with quicker gear changes and distinctive engine sound and exhaust note. Lexus also promises a new suspension system that is designed to guide the GS through corners with precision.

Lexus engineers say the use of aluminium reduces unsprung weight and results in significantly improved agility, ride comfort, body control, and steering precision. Ventilated disc brakes featuring four-piston aluminum front calipers are equipped with the latest electronic enhancements to provide braking balance and control.

They tell us engineers also challenged themselves to develop a more spacious interior environment for the new GS. Leaving exterior dimensions virtually unchanged, they increased cabin and boot space to create what Lexus boasts is a richly appointed interior that will transport passengers and their luggage in comfort, regardless of distance.

When the new GS range arrives here, it should include a 450h (full hybrid ), GS 250 petrol engined derivative, and possibly an F-Sport version. More details on these will be announced later this year.


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