Kinvara Farmers Market a joy every Friday

Kinvara Farmers’ Market is held every Friday with a wide range of excellent food and craft stalls, live music and festive spirit.

A Market Charter was given to Mr St George in the 12th century, granting the people the right to hold a market on a Friday in the square. The Charter still stands today and was the inspiration for the revival of a market in Kinvara in 2009 which is now an intrinsic part of Kinvara life.

Kinvara Farmers Market's customers can avail of fresh produce such as free range duck and hen eggs, cheese from the world class, prize-winning producers of St. Tola. Organic seasonal vegetables, free range chickens, root vegetables, fruit in season, such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, flowers for your table, plants for your garden, delicious, home-baked organic breads, soda bread, gluten free baking, cakes biscuits and buns. Pickles, preserves and other potted food delights, jams, honey, olive oils, bagels, teas, coffees, soup, lunches and snacks. Hot german sausages, paintings, woollen jumpers, crafts, jewellery, soaps and lotions.

This beautiful market is not just for your shopping bag though, relax at a table with some fresh baked quiche for your lunch while listening to the weekly market musicians sing and play from a wide ranging repertoire - you can even contribute a ballad or two if so inclined.

There is plenty of choice among the stalls and a little bit of banter as well. Its stall holders will be happy to tell you about their goods, share some recipes and suggest accompaniments. All produce is fresh and the atmosphere always inviting. The market offers great value for your money, meet your friends, let your kids play safely in the garden, listen to the music that will warm your soul in a sweet and joyful way, and where the smell and taste of the good food will lift your spirits for the rest of your week. There is something for everyone - so..... see you at the Kinvara Farmers Market!

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