Get back into shape with the Educo Gym twelve day programme

At the Educo Gym you can get into the best shape and fitness of your life with a proven, time efficient, 15 minute work out. Its 12 day body sculpture programme results in an average weight loss of eight pounds in 12 days.

The approach has been tested by university doctoral researchers and its results were superior to any other system they trialled. To allow everyone to benefit from this research it was necessary to develop a new form of exercise machine that outdates anything previously used. The resulting machine allows any part of the body to be exercised at maximum intensity. Clients can work on a different part of the body every day resulting in a noticeable increase in toning. Clients are taught exactly how to complete each exercise and training sessions are supervised by experienced Educo Gym instructors.

The Educo Gym does not impose diets, but offers a list of foods that are high in life force. To understand life force, one must look at the cells in the body. The higher quality cells our bodies produce, the healthier we are, and Educo Gym provides the necessary raw materials with a list of foods and supplements helping its clients to eat more healthily.

To find out more about this programme, call Educo Gym on 061-326892 or 0872263359.



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