Autodesk showcases new software generation at GMIT event

Autodesk’s Authorised Reseller Amicus Technology are promoting Autodesk’s new software generation at an event in Galway, titled Stay Ahead for the building design, Construction and Infrastructure industries.

With an event in the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology on May 25, customers and students will be able to experience the solutions best suited to industry’s design needs.

No matter which industry, clients are demanding more from designers. Despite increased services and accelerated schedules, competition has driven down fees. That means it is more important than ever to find smarter, more efficient ways of working and collaborating with stakeholders locally and abroad. These events have been designed to show industry decision makers how the latest Autodesk releases can help them work in new and powerful ways and enable them to succeed.

For further information on this free event check out the Autodesk website,, to review the 2012 software portfolio, select an industry of choice and search for your event.

“We have a great message for customers this year. This new software generation from Autodesk with its emphasis on Building Information Modelling can really help designers do more with less,” stated Seamus Hurley, Director at Datech Ireland, Autodesk’s value added distributor. “We are also refining the concept of Infrastructure Planning and Management (IPM ) from Autodesk where customers can access, integrate and analyse all the available data before commencing an infrastructure project.”

“With the availability of Autodesk education suites, many institutes of technology are forging ahead with teaching BIM, Digital Prototyping and advanced 3D modelling, making graduates more attractive on the employment market and helping companies make the transition cost-effectively.”

Autodesk’s 2012 portfolio of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software includes an expanded family of design suites. The new suites will make it easier for customers across a wide range of industries to adopt and use a broader set of Autodesk’s comprehensive and sophisticated design software. The suites will be available in convenient packages with a range of capabilities that bring together compatible sets of complementary products for entertainment, building, infrastructure, product and visual design that, when used together, help to manage data, workflow and process.


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