New campaign promotes cycle safety

A national radio advertising campaign to raise awareness of road safety among cyclists has been launched by the Road Safety Authority.

Cyclists are at risk when using the road. Statistics from the 1997-2010 period show 178 pedal cyclists were killed, 444 cyclists were seriously injured, while more than 67 per cent of road deaths among cyclists occurred during daylight hours. More than one third of fatal collisions with cyclists happened during summer months.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Noel Brett, CEO of the Road Safety Authority said: “This is an important awareness campaign for the RSA as cyclists continue to be vulnerable on our roads. We are reminding cyclists that it’s everyone’s responsibility to pay attention and stay safe on the roads. Simple actions such as wearing a helmet and high visibility jacket, obeying the rules of the road and anticipating what drivers may do, could save your life.

“Drivers also need to pay attention and be on guard for cyclists using the road. Allow plenty of space when overtaking a cyclist and always anticipate a cyclist having to make a sudden move to avoid a pothole or obstruction. It’s also important to watch out for cyclists at junctions especially when turning left.”

Brett also reminded people about the importance of vulnerable road users being visible on the roads: “It’s as important as ever for people to wear high visibility clothing when out cycling or walking on the roads. More than 67 per cent of road deaths among cyclists between 1997 and 2010 occurred during daylight hours and over one third of these cyclists were killed during the summer months. Dusk remains a danger period when drivers may not see cyclists and pedestrians, so please be aware of your vulnerability on the road at all times of the day and night. Take responsibility for your safety and make sure that you wear a high visibility vest when cycling or walking.”

To promote safe cycling the RSA will distribute 20,000 high visibility ruck-sack covers to cyclists during April. To date the RSA has distributed thousands of high visibility jackets to cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.


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