Private security watchdog concerned by non-compliance of identity badges in Tuam

The Private Security Authority (PSA ) has expressed concern at the number of door security staff in the Tuam area found not complying with the legal requirement to wear an identity badge.

The wearing of an identity badge in a clearly visible manner is a legal requirement letting the public know that security personnel has met appropriate licensing standards set by the PSA. However, during inspections in Tuam on March 26, 2011, PSA inspectors found that only 56 per cent of those licensed were wearing their identity badge. The PSA is now due to issue sanctions against those found non-compliant with the identity badge requirement and employers will be notified of the breach.

However, it was not all bad news as the PSA found the licensing compliance rate among contractors and individuals providing door security services in the Tuam area were excellent with 100 per cent of contractors and 100 per cent of individuals found to be licensed.

Chief executive of the PSA, Geraldine Larkin, welcomed the high compliance rate in relation to licensing but expressed concern that a number of licensed individuals failed to wear their identity badge. She said that the identity not only puts members of the public at ease it also allows for identification if a complaint is made to the PSA. Ms Larkin said that the PSA will now carry out further checks in the Tuam area and those not found wearing their identity badge will have their licence suspended.

In total there are 1,230 individuals in County Galway licensed to provide security services, 423 are licensed to provide door supervision and 582 are licensed to provide security guarding. A further 225 individuals are licensed to work in both sectors.

The PSA is a statutory body with responsibility for licensing and regulating the private security industry in Ireland. Licences issued to individuals are backed by a recognised qualification which ensures that all those working in the industry have been trained to a high standard. In addition, all applicants are vetted with An Garda Siochána before any licence is issued.



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