How Clarinbridge won - minute by minute

1min It’s a point for O’Loughlin Gaels from Mark Bergin.

2min Free for O’Loughlin Gaels, Mark Bergin misses, he should have hit that over.

3min Mark Bergin makes up for it with a point from play.

4min It’s another Daniel Loughlan point from play, Gaels three points up.

5min Poor wide from the Clarinbridge corner forward.

8min Paul Coen hits a point, but the referee gives a free out for over carrying.

9min Gaels take a four-point lead, Danny Loughnan hits a great point from play.

10min Eoghan Forde scores a great point from play to get Clarinbridge off the mark.

13min Mark Bergin hits another easy free wide.

14min Great point from play by Mark Bergin.

14min Nice point from play by Mark Kerins for Clarinbridge.

17min Mark Bergin hits his fourth point from play.

18min Paul Coen get his first point for Clarinbridge.

20min Free to the Kilkenny men on half way. Morris Nolan once again hits a free wide.

21min Alan Geoghegan gives Gaels a four-point lead.

22min Morris Nolan hits another lovely point. Five points lead for the Kilkenny men.

25min Sideline cut goes wide for O’Loughlin Gaels, it’s the sixth wide of the day.

26min Great point from half way by Jamie Cannan to leave it double scores.

27min Stunning point from play by Martin Comerford.

28min Alan Kerins hits a point when he could have gone for a goal.

29min Poor wide from Clarinbridge’s Barry Daly.

29min Three minutes of injury times announced.

30min Eoghan Forde gets his second point of the day.

30+2min Nice point from Alan Geoghan who keeps the O’Loughlin Gaels four up.

30+3min Mark Kerins scores a goal with what should have been the last touch of the first half.

30+4min The referee plays on - he gives Clarinbridge a penalty.

30+5min Mark Kerins gets a poor connection, it’s hit over the bar.

Half time

32min Clarinbridge take the lead.

35min Mark Kerins hits a free to give Clarinbridge a two-point lead.

36min Two quick points for Clarinbridge to give them a three-point lead.

37min Mark Bergin hits his first point from a free to leave two between them.

38min Mark Kerins hits a point to give Clarninbridge the three-point lead.

39min Enda Collins gives Clarinbridge a four-point lead.

40min Mark Bergin hits his second point.

43min Eoghan Forde hits another point, Clarinbridge four up.

45min Alan Kerins is on fire, the Galway side look set for victory

46min Forde hits his fourth of the day to leave them six points up.

47min Shocking wide by Mark Kerins from an easy free.

48min Mark Kerins makes up for it with a good point from play.

49min Mark Kerins hits the post and keeper clears it.

50min It’s now looking easy for the Galway men, Enna Murphy gives Clarinbridge an eight-point lead.

52min Mark Kerins hits a free from his own 65.

53min Eoghan Forde seals the All-Ireland Club title with another goal.

55min Eoghan Forde hits a wide for Clarinbridge

58min Good save by the Clarinbridge keeper.

59min One minute of injury time announced.

60min Mark Kerins hits a wide from a free.

60min Amazingly it’s 2-15 to 0-03 in the last 32 minutes.

60+1 Number 18 gets sent off for O’Loughlin Gaels.

Full time: Clarinbridge (Galway ) 2-18 O’Loughlin Gaels (Kilkenny ) 0-12


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