It’s all female at Barna and Moycullen Veterinary

Barna and Moycullen Veterinary is an all-female small animal practice. They have two branches – one in Barna and one in Moycullen. They have a large range of pets who come to see them for a wide range of reasons – hamsters to Great Danes, kittens to terrapins, elderly dogs to parrots and even rabbits to snakes!

They are used to dealing with shy and nervous pets that mightn’t have seen a vet in awhile and they have a lot of patients who drag their owner in the door – even when they were only going for a walk! They welcome people to bring their shy pet in for a cuddle and a treat without any poking or prodding and they are often delighted to come back then when they need to.

They offer personal care and advice as well as all the scientific stuff like x-rays, blood analysis, ultrasound, surgery and medical care. They regularly x-ray lame animals, clean dirty ears, remove stones from puppies’ tummies and even get cats to take their tablets! In Barna and Moycullen Veterinary their days are very varied and interesting – just like the patients! There are three vets (Leanne, Laura and Eimear ), four nurses (Darina, Kathryn, Aisling and Eileen ) and everyone in the practice will look after your pet as they would there own!


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