Inkfingers prides itself on unique tattoos from its experienced team

Galway’s IInkfingers Custom Tattoo Studio is staffed by a team of experienced artists who pride themselves on the quality and uniqueness of their work.

Located at Cathedral Buildings, Lower Abbeygate St, Inkfingers was opened in 2009 by Sean Ricketts who has years experience in the Tattoo Industry and studied art and design in England. He prides himself on taking his time and putting lots of detail into each piece.

Sean is joined in the business by his wife Niamh Magennis who is a Galway native, and has worked as a body piercer and studied Art in Limerick School of Art and Design. They had the objective of opening a tattoo studio that was more drawing and art based, where customers could come in and consult with the artists about their tattoo ideas and have something unique drawn up for them.

Mr Ricketts uses the Nuema Tattoo System which is an air powered system, running lighter than traditional machines. One of the advantages of the Neuma system is that the machines can be autoclaved and sterilised.

Joe Westcott also tattoos in Inkfingers and has a art and design background having studied art in GMIT. He has a strong art based ethic and works on paintings and ceramics as well as tattooing.

Tattoo work and images of the Studio itself are available to view on


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