Emigration will ‘damage Galway society and economy’ says Nolan

Ireland will never fully emerge from the present economic crisis unless unemployment is seriously addressed by politicians and university graduates are given a reason to stay in the country.

This is the view of Labour’s Galway West candidate, councillor Derek Nolan. He has warned that “unless urgent action is taken to create jobs”, Galway will “suffer serious social and economic consequences” from increasing emigration.

“Emigration is now prevalent across every age group and profession in Galway, but especially among young people,” he said. “I spoke with students from NUI, Galway on Monday, and of the 31 present, 19 were planning on emigrating. What was most striking, was the sense of inevitability and the lack of faith in Ireland as a place to use their skills.”

Cllr Nolan said the risks to Galway city and county of a disappearing age group will have “a terrible impact on families, communities and clubs” and on the local economy “which is dependent on educated and innovative people to prosper”.

Cllr Nolan said job creation is the “only answer” and that Labour’s policies show that jobs can be created in high tech areas, food, tourism, and the creative industries. The party is committed to a €500 million fund for job creation in 2011.

“Emigration and continuing economic decline are not an inevitability,” he said. “Galway cannot afford to watch talented people leave, taking with them the tools for recovery. There are things we can do to create jobs. Labour will do them.”


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