New car registrations off to strong start

New car sales in Ireland are off to a strong start recording a 41 per cent increase in new registrations against the first 10 days in 2010, according to statistics supplied bt

Commenting on the statistics Shane Teskey, MD at said: 'Traditionally a very busy time for the motor industry, it's encouraging to see an increase in these early January statistics.

However, we should remember that the number of registrations for the same period last year was hampered by poor weather conditions. We'll have a much better picture of how the sector is performing as the month progresses.”

The latest statistics show that there have been a total of 6,296 new cars registered in Ireland compared with 4,467 for the same period last year. Taking the lead in sales is Toyota with 1,102 registrations ahead of Ford with 735 and Renault with 608.

The top three models for the first 10 days of the year are the Toyota Avensis with 366 registrations, the Toyota Corolla with 254 and the Renault Fluence with 247.

Diesel continues to be the most popular choice with 70 per cent of registrations. In terms of CO2 the lower bands continue to be the most popular with Band A and Band B combined showing a total of 87 per cent of all registrations.

Silver represents 25 per cent of registrations with Black in second place at 22 per cent.

Unfortunately, registrations for vans and light commercial vehicles however are down from 788 last year to 617 in 2011 - a drop of 22 per cent in the first ten days. I would hope that would recover to some degree by next month.



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