Local artist gets one million hits on YouTube

The award winning Galway artist and animator John Jennings has achieved one million video views on his YouTube profile page JohnNetSite5000.

John’s videos fall into three categories - Animation, Paranormal & Supernatural, and Others. The Animation playlist features the cartoon films John has created such as It’s Payday – find the Boss and various episodes from his ongoing series Girls Teddy.

The Paranormal & Supernatural playlist is an ongoing visual art experiment by John, featuring films using special effects to create UFO and ghost like apparitions, in order to inject some paranormal themes into the local arts scene.

The Others playlist features random videos such as ‘The smallest carrot in the whole wide world’ and ‘Mutant potato’.

John’s site can be found by going to YouTube and typing JohnNetSite5000 in the search box.

“I am delighted with making one million video views and looks forward to many more,” said the artist. “I would also like to say a big thank you to all of my fans who made this possible.”


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