Therapie inundated as slimming tea craze hits Galway

The tea everyone has been talking about is now available at Therapie Clinic on Shop Street, Galway. Many famous celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria and Courtney Love are known to rave about this tea as part of their daily diet.

'We have not been able to keep Cho Yung Tea in stock since it's arrival' says manager, Deirdre O'Dowd. “We've clients coming in all the time telling us their search for Cho Yung Tea in Ireland was in vain until they were told about Therapie'.

Cho-Yung has a unique blend of organic nutrients and anti-oxidants which are blended with green tea to boost your metabolism, remove harmful toxins from your body and increase your energy levels to help you lose weight faster.

Cho-Yung is 100 per cent safe and natural and has a 'certificate of approval for health food made in China', stating that the Cho Yung brand of slimming teas has a proven weight loss effect.

Just two cups of Cho Yung tea per day helps you rid your body from toxins and waste mainly derived from years of poor eating habits. Get your Cho-Yung slimming tea at Therapie Clinic, Shop Street, Galway. Call 091 539 900


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