Heneghan's Florist celebrates twenty five years in business

This December Heneghan's Florist will celebrate its 25th Christmas season on Sea Road. It opened its doors in 1985, providing Galway with flowers and plants including many homegrown in their own nurseries that was established in the early 1940s by Mark and Norah Heneghan originally at Knocknacarra Cross, and later expanding their greenhouse business to the Ballybanebeg area on the Monivea Road.

Over the years the nurseries developed from growing vegetable crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce to growing a wide range of shrubs, flowers, plants and herbs. In the 1980s their son Frank expanded the range of vegetables to pumpkins, courgettes who supplied not only Galway but also the Limerick market.Expanding produce and flowers in the 80s lead to the decision to open their very own flower shop on Sea Road.

In 2004 after running the Bridge Mills Restaurant, they decided to open a vegetarian cafe serving seasonal vegetarian dishes, the best of Italian coffee, quality teas and homebaking, recommended by the Bridgestone Guide for the past five years.The Budding Cafe situated in a unique glass atrium surrounded flowers, plants and seasonal gifts including a range of unique Irish gifts.

The cafe also holds various art exhibition of local artists.This Christmas season Heneghan's have amost unusual collection of seasonal decorations and gifts.Christmas wouldn't be Christmas unless yuo pay the shop a visit away from the neon lights of the high street, back to the warm friendly service offering the best of homemade baking and mulled wine served throughout the festive season


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