Let’s get Taoiseach’d

There are innumerable words for having had too much to drink, such as hammered, sloshed, wasted, and blotto. Now to this lexicon of debauchery we can add ‘Taoiseach’d’.

Yes, it’s official. The title of the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland is now a slang term for going out, having a feed of drink, staying up ‘till the wee hours, and waking up the next morning with a serious head on you.

The term ‘Taoiseach’d’ officially entered the lexicon as a slang term this weekend with the establishment of a new webpage ‘Let’s all go out tonight and get absolutely Taoiseach’d! :D’ on www.phrasely.net/like php?id=108690 and which can also be ‘liked’ on Facebook.

The page now joins such other memorable satirical political pages on Facebook such as ‘George Lee: Don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you leave the Dáil’, ‘Sink Longford to make a lake to prevent future flooding in Ireland’, and ‘I hate it when I’m watching TV and Iris Robinson comes round for sex...’

Thank you Brian Cowen for another service you have done the State.


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