Win a licence for secret text messages

Do you have a secret? If you do, you need Matant. Matant is an innovative and original coded writing system for mobile phones. Matant translates your text message into symbols so they can only be deciphered by the recipient, who will need the same language on his/her phone.

There is a range of languages available to download from Matant, but for ultimate secrecy, you can write your own language so your text can only be read by a person you have shared your language with. The language you create can use absolutely any image you can think of or photograph!

Matant can be downloaded from with a twin licence to be used by two people, a family licence for four people, or a tribe licence which can be used by five people. Downloads include a language package, and additional languages can be downloaded from the site.

Unusually for a mobile application, there is no subscription fee, just a one off download fee. There is also no additional fee on top of your text charge when using Matant and you can share the languages with anyone you want over bluetooth. This is remarkable in an era when mobile services are trying to charge for everything they can and software companies are cracking down on file sharing.

Using Matant is kid’s play. Once you have downloaded and installed the application onto your phone, you open the Matant application, write your text message as usual, code it into any of the Matant languages on your phone and send it. The receiver has to have Matant to decode it. The encrypted message can not be read by anyone who gets it by mistake, or by anyone who scans it or your mobile provider.

The Matant application is password protected on your phone, so even if your phone is left on, anyone who looks through it won’t be able to read your messages. This is very useful in business and for personal messages.

— For readers of ‘The Advertiser’ we have 10 twin licences to give away. To get one, simply send your name to [email protected].


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