Mayor gets behind Christmas Market plans after new deal with operators

‘I’ve got a better deal for the city’ says Crowe after initial opposition to Eyre Square event

Galway will join cities like Budapest, Frankfurt, Edinburgh, and Vienna in the tradition of hosting a Christmas market this December, as the Mayor of Galway has now thrown his support behind the idea.

Mayor of Galway councillor Michael J Crowe said this week that he was “now fully supportive” of the Christmas market, following a successful conclusion to the on-going discussions which have taken place over the last two weeks between him, the Galway City Business Association, and Market Place Europe.

“I can confirm that we have now reached a far better deal for Galway and our people, than what was originally proposed,” he said. “I was put under enormous pressure over the last few weeks to give way and support the original proposal, but I simply could not because I felt the deal was not good enough for Galway.”

According to Mayor Crowe, the ‘New Market Deal’ will see a minimum cash contribution of €70,000 paid over three years to the city, by the operator. There will also be an information kiosk in a prime spot in the market which will have leaflets, etc, promoting smaller businesses in the city. The Santa’s Grotto will be allocated to a local charity that will operate and run it for the duration of the market.

Mayor Crowe believes these additional items will be worth more than €100,000 to Galway. He also said those operating the Christmas Market will use only local businesses for providing other necessary services such as waste collection and clean ups.

Mayor Crowe came in for much criticism from many quarters in the city for his stance on the Christmas Market, but the Bohermore man believes his re-negotiated deal is much better than the one that was originally on offer.

“With the renewed terms and conditions I think we can put together a wonderful event for our city,” he said. “I would like to acknowledge the work of Paul Faller, Elaine Bright-Johnson, Mary Bennett, and Cian O’Broin in working with me on this. Their on-going voluntary work on behalf of business in Galway and the people of Galway is very much appreciated



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