‘Nonsense’ excuses for missing court will not be accepted, warns judge

The excuse of not turning up to court because of appointments with consultants is “nonsense” that will not be accepted from anyone, warned a District Court judge when one man failed to appear for the alleged assaults of two men, one an A&E security man.

Dara Flores with an address at Menlo, Galway, had been summoned to appear at Galway District Court last Monday for alleged offences including the assault of Hugh O’Donnell causing him harm on January 13, 2008, at 1 Sandyvale Lawn, Headford Road, and the assault of Keith Moggan causing him harm on October 14, 2007, at the A&E department at UHG.

However, Flores failed to appear. His solicitor Adrian MacLynn explained that his client had an appointment with a consultant.

Judge Mary Fahy took great offence at anyone not turning up to court for this reason. She said that “these are private consultations arranged to suit the patient”. “He was supposed to be in court today [Monday]. I’m losing my patience with this, it’s been going on for years and I won’t accept this nonsense from anyone. It’s going very much against your client,” she warned.

Inspector Mick Coppinger then told the court that the DPP had consented to summary disposal of the matters. He explained that on January 13 the defendant had texted a woman who was living at 1 Sandyvale Lawn. When Flores turned up to the house where there was a party he found that the woman wasn’t there and was “greeted by” her male flat mate. Inspector Coppinger said that Flores then “lashed out” at him and “broke his jaw”. The court then heard that this offence had been committed while the defendant was out on bail for an earlier matter.

The inspector explained that on October 14 last year the defendant had been visiting a relative in the A&E department at UHG when he was asked to move to the waiting room. When he was being escorted by security staff he “headbutted” one of them and broke his nose.

Judge Fahy also accepted jurisdiction in both matters and adjourned the case until November 12, 2008, for a plea or hearing.



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