Deputy mayor comes out in support of Galway Christmas market

Christmas Markets are an integral part of the build up to the festive season in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and increasingly Britain, and Galway looks set to follow suit this December.

At this Monday’s Galway City Council meeting, the majority of councillors look set to vote in support of an event licence for a Christmas Market to be set up in Eyre Square towards the end of this year.

Deputy mayor and Fine Gael councillor Brian Walsh said he will be supporting the event licence and he added that all the Galway businesses and business owners are keen to see the market happen.

“I have spoken to many businesses over the week and they are 100 per cent in support of the Christmas Market,” he told the Galway Advertiser. “They think it is positive and it will bring a lot of business the city.”

Cllr Walsh said there was intense competition from other cities in Ireland, as well as from Britain, to secure the Christmas Market, so it is a coup for Galway to get it.

“It is positive, it is new, it is exciting, and we should support it,” he said. “It will bring a lot of people into the city to do shopping; it will help create footfall, which city businesses want, and it will complement not compete with, the businesses that are already there



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