Co-founder of Plexus Bio-Energy to provide corrective sound therapy in Galway

Tom Griffin, author and co-founder of Plexus Bio-Energy, will return to Galway on Thursday August 5 to provide corrective sound therapy. He will operate from the Ardilaun Hotel from 11am to 7pm.

Bio-Energy is the manipulation of the energies in and around the human body. These energies are in continuous flow in a healthy person, say practitioners. However when a person is ill, they claim they can get blocked or jammed and need to be released by a skilful bio-energy therapist.

“In the Plexus Bio-energy clinic the primary aim of the therapist is to locate any energy disturbances using a series of unique hand movements to scan the energy field, which surrounds the body. Encoded within its electrical pattern this energy field can be regarded as the original ‘blueprint’ of the person being treated and also that information accurately reflects their current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.”

He describes corrective sound therapy as a revolutionary new treatment for dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning difficulties and autism.

“These conditions can be caused by shock in-utero at birth and after birth resulting in bone structure misalignment of the skull and spine which can prevent proper integration of the brain hemispheres in the seven to nine month period after birth. This affects the neural development of the child,” he claims. “The corrective sound programme involves vibrational kinesiology to detect the underlying causes of the problems and special sound frequencies are used in the correction process.”

Tom Griffin will be carrying out further seminars in Galway city in September. For further information telephone Miriam at (086 ) 8094362. Log onto and for details on both therapies.


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