Car auction is booming

M6 Car Auctions opened its doors on March 4t this year and has racked up a sales tally of more than 325.

With more than 3,000 people viewing cars both in person and on line each week, M6 Car Auctions has captured the imagination of thousands of car buyers and sellers all along the western seaboard.

It is currently auctioning more than 80 vhehicles a week.

Tom Lynskey, dealer principal, said; “We are seeing a huge demand for second hand first time starter cars, ie the Ford Focus, Fiesta, Golf - good reliable brands around the 05/06 year.

“There is also a huge amount of people struggling to hold onto their expensive cars and are willing to take a big drop in price. One in particular was a 08 BMW with just 40,000kms which went for an amazing €25,750 and this car was still under warranty,” he says.

Demand has risen so fast that M6 Car Auctions is hoping to open another lane by the end of the year and run two auctions per week.

For further information contact 091-483500.


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