Meeting to discuss building Galway’s first eco-village

Developing the first ecologically sustainable village and community in the west of Ireland will be discussed at a public meeting hosted in the Galway City Museum this Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm.

The meeting is hosted by the Galway Sustainable Community Project and is designed to encourage interactive discussion and invite new people to get involved in the project.

The Galway Sustainable Community Project is a group of people based in the city who aim to create a small, purpose-built, settlement in the west of Ireland where residents will produce some of their own food and energy and form a strong, close-knit, community.

The village will have private houses belonging to or rented to each family unit; shared facilities and community buildings where residents can eat, work, and socialise together; and land devoted to food growing, making it partly self-sufficient. Education and awareness-raising about ecological and community living will be a priority.

The group has produced a video about the project, which can be seen on

For more information on the meeting and on the Galway Sustainable Community Project email [email protected], call 087 - 9111624, see


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