Looking at the changing nature of the docks

The changing nature of the Galway Docks will be examined in a new exhibition, installation, and discussion event, which begins tomorrow.

Dock Discourse June 2010 opens tomorrow at 6pm at the 126 Gallery, Queen Street, and it runs until Saturday July 3.

Initiated and curated by local architect Aoife Considine, Dock Discourse is a multi disciplinary project engaging with artists, thinkers, and the general public to comment and question the nature of change taking place in and around the Galway Docks.

The works are concerned with ideas of environmental change, development processes, the role of the artist, and reconsidering the spaces, structures, and habits of this part of the city.

Artists involved in the exhibition are Aideen Barry, Cian McConn, Roisin Coyle, Cecelia Dannell, and Jennifer Cunningham with Jim Ricks, Jennie Moran, and Michelle Browne carrying out on site installation projects in the middle pier of the docks on Thursday June 17.

The artists taking part in the project come from a range of backgrounds but a common theme in their work ties them to the project either through the location or interest.

The artists explore both the territory of the real and the imagined, the past, and the proposed future. This theme will also be explored through the discussion event with an invited panel of artists, architects, urban thinkers and activists to be held on Thursday June 24 at 6pm.



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