Pedestrian and cycle markings from Browne to Morris roundabouts

Proper and distinctive markings have been placed on the footpaths and cycle lanes from the Browne Roundabout at Corrib Park to the Morris Roundabout at the Tuam Road.

Labour councillor Billy Cameron, who made representations to the Galway City Council for new markings to be painted in, has welcomed the news.

However he said more pedestrian and cyclists signs “should have been placed, rather than the directional arrows which I feel are insignificant and undesirable”.

When the Quincenntenial Bridge was built there were markings to delineate the cycle lane but years of wear and tear had led to the disappearance of the signs. This also occurred on Bothair na dTreabh.

“Many people, both pedestrians and cyclists, did not realise the tarmac area of the path was actually an off-road cycle lane,” said Cllr Cameron. “Cyclists have often been told to get off the path and onto to the highly dangerous road by pedestrians who are totally unaware the cyclist is perfectly correct in using the area.”


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