Paws 4 Thought

If you are looking for a pet, please check out these gorgeous animals looking for homes. While we can only show you a sample here, please check our website and have a look at all our animals. Please note home checks are carried out for all our animals, and a donation is required.

Our office number is (091 ) 563631, our sanctuary number is (090 ) 9676397. Please leave a message and the staff will return your call. We ask people leaving telephone numbers to say them slowly as we are having difficulty with people flying through their number, and when it is replayed it is impossible to know what the person is saying. If giving directions, please give them from Galway to the location in question.

You can also e-mail us at [email protected]

This week we are just showing you photos as we need to bring two things to your attention, so if you fancy any of these lads ring (090 ) 9676397 for more information.

Last Thursday three of the GSPCA’s cat traps were stolen from a elderly woman’s house in Rahylin Glebe. The GSPCA is appealing to the people who took them, and staff have an idea who they are, to hand them back and nothing more will happen. The gardaí have been informed of this theft, and as the traps are very expensive the charity cannot replace them. Staff use them for catching injured animals and, because of this theft, they cannot now help injured animals which are too distressed to be handled. The GSPCA is asking people to keep an eye out for the traps and to contact the organisation if they are spotted.

The GSPCA is advising people to keep their pets indoors if volcanic ash falls in the coming days. If you have rabbits put them in a shed until it is over. If your pets come in contact with the ash ring your vet immediately for advice. People are also asked to change the water left outside for pets if it gets contaminated with ash. Regarding fish in outside pools, contact your local pet shop for advice.

The weather is hot so please do not leave dogs in cars, and have a sheltered spot in the garden for them and a good fresh supply of water. The same applies to cats.

Finally congrats to the Galway Advertiser crew on the big birthday.



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