Toddler death was every parent’s worst nightmare

In what must be every parent’s worst nightmare, the shock at the death of the little toddler in the accident at the weekend has sent shivers down the spines of us all. The horror of the moment is in all of our minds, but this must be a terrible period for the parents and family of little Oskars Dauksts.

The 16-month-old son of a Latvian mother and Irish father sustained serious injuries in a fall from the second floor window of an apartment at Lydon Court, Irwin's Lane early Saturday morning.

While the full details of what exactly happened have not yet been released, it seems that that the toddler made it to the open window before anybody could stop him.

He was rushed to University College Hospital but it was always going to be a struggle for him to overcome the injuries that his little body sustained in the fall from the window onto the concrete path. A decision was taken to transfer him to a hospital where he could receive more specialised treatment.

Oskars was transferred to Temple St hospital in Dublin, and he rallied, but it was there, surrounded by his family and friends, that he lost his battle for life in the early hours of Monday morning.

All parents know just how fast a toddler can move and how within seconds, they can be climbing high or running fast, always inevitably towards the one thing you wish them to avoid.

Such is their nature and the intensity of their curiosity that you would literally need eyes in the back of your head to monitor their movements.

This was a tragic accident that will shatter the lives of all involved. Bunches of flowers lie on the pavement where he fell in the city centre — a reminder of the tragedy of a little life, a short life, cut short by tragedy.

The incident was spotted by several people who have been left severely traumatised by it all. Workers in a nearby cafe were left very shocked by it all, and the scene was horrific as the emergency services removed the injured toddler.

In these days when the news is dominated by talk of NAMA and recapitalisation and negative equity, let us remind ourselves that it is family and tragedies like this that tug at our heartstrings. These are the things that matter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the little boy and his heartbroken parents this week. Let us hope that in time their grief will be eased.



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