Get your motorbike blessed by biker priest in Renmore

Bikers can show off their prized possessions and get them blessed into the bargain at a special ceremony being organised by a city curate on Sunday.

Renmore curate and biker, Fr Murchadh Ó Madagáin, expects a big turnout for the “unusual” event which takes place outside Renmore Church at 10.45am.

His decision to hold the ceremony was prompted by the growing number of bikers seeking blessings for their motorbikes.

“I have often had different bikers asking me to bless their bikes, so I thought ‘Why not make an event of it?’ This is not something you see happening very often in Ireland, although it does happen in other countries. Bikers love to get together to show off their bikes anyway. I know because I’m into bikes myself.”

He became interested in biking while studying in Rome. “I was doing some further studies and couldn’t resist getting a scooter and launching out into the madness of Roman traffic. Then I was hooked.”

He started off with a 125 scooter and graduated to a 250 Suzuki Maraudera when he returned to Ireland in 2005. A “big scooter” a Yamaha Majesty 400 followed.

“Then more recently I got a Suzuki Bandit 600. Shortly after getting the Bandit I saw the Honda Deauville, which is a tourer, and I decided that was the bike for me.”

But a Deauville 650 beckoned later and he changed his bike again. “More recently, I replaced that with the newer 700 version.”

Fr O’Madagain, a curate in Renmore for the past four years, says his motorbike allows him to get through traffic quickly and enjoy the freedom of the roads. He appreciates the risks but says driving with care keeps the dangers to a minimum.

“I love the bike and I find it both a great way to relax and also an ideal way to manage the traffic. They are dangerous, but if you take them seriously and don’t drive like a lunatic you should be fine.”


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