2WD version makes Lexus RX Hybrid more attractive

The new Lexus RX hybrid is now available in two-wheel drive which will further reduce its already class-leading low emissions.

The new 2 WD model starts at €55,200 which cost €8,575 less than the entry level AWD executive model. The new 2WD version emits 140g CO2/km which places it in Band B tax, meaning it will cost €156 a year for road tax.

That is about three tax bands lower than any similar size vehicle available on the market today, and this new model has the world’s lowest CO2 emissions (140g/km ), for a full size crossover.

The 2WD version is 0.4 seconds slower (at 8.2 seconds ) for 0 to 100km/h than the AWD version and has a maximum speed of 180km/h, which is 20 km/h less than the AWD RX hybrid. Both are still more than adequate and not really noticeable.

The kerb weight of the 2WD is 65kgs lighter with the gross vehicle weight being 85kgs lighter. This, along with not driving four wheels, helps to give a better combined fuel consumption of 47.1mpg, as opposed to 44.8mpg for the AWD version.

As with the AWD version, the 2 WD model also offers electric vehicle mode which allows the RX hybrid to be driven under electric motor power alone. With vehicle range dictated by battery charge, the EV drive mode allows for zero emissions during urban driving.

Because the petrol engine is switched off throughout its operation, the EV drive mode contributes to a significant reduction in the RX hybrid’s overall fuel consumption.

Lexus RX Hybrid Range:

2WD €55,200

Executive 2WD €58,655

Sport 2WD €64,625

Executive AWD €63,775

Sport AWD €70,120

Metallic Paint €1,215


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