Conneely refuses to apologise to council official over remarks at meeting

City Hall is demanding an apology from Fine Gael councillor Pádraig Conneely for remarks he made about a senior official. However the outspoken councillor remains unrepentant.

Recently, the Galway City Council’s director of services for transportation and infrastructure Ciarán Hayes, sent a letter to Cllr Conneely requesting a public apology over remarks made at a city council meeting in November.

In his letter Mr Hayes said Cllr Conneely “accused me of misleading the city council” before making comments about council staff that were “demeaning and gratuitously offensive”. Cllr Conneely also stated that Mr Hayes’ contribution to one debate was a “sick comment by a sick person”.

While Mr Hayes acknowledged that Cllr Conneely withdrew the latter part of the above comment, he informed the former mayor that “your behaviour is not in accordance with the council’s Dignity At Work Policy”. He also said it was “contrary to the commitment” Cllr Conneely gave in 2007 that he would “in future comply” with the code.

Mr Hayes is now demanding a public apology from Cllr Conneely and he is also asking how the councillor will “demonstrate” that he will comply with the Dignity At Work Policy in the future.

Mr Hayes concluded his letter saying: “I regret that I am withdrawing Transport & Infrastructure services to you until such time as the matter is resolved.”

However Cllr Conneely has vowed not to apologise “until Hell freezes over” and said he will “not be muzzled or silenced by any official in City Hall


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