Cameron calls for legal action to be taken against NUIG

Labour councillor Billy Cameron has called for legal action to be taken against NUI, Galway for alleged “illegal erection of communications equipment” in Newcastle Lower.

Cllr Cameron is accusing the university of “illegal erection of communications equipment” at 8 Newcastle Lower and for the unauthorised use of the terraced residence as offices. He says the equipment, mounted on the front façade of the building, is “visually obtrusive” and if allowed to remain will “seriously injure the amenities of the area and of property in the vicinity”.

He lodged a formal complaint to City Hall and called for a full investigation in August. NUIG was informed of the objections and was served with a warning letter pursuant to Section 152(1 ) of the Planning and Development 2000 requiring it to remove the equipment and cease the unauthorised use of the premises as offices.

However Cllr Cameron feels the university has “chosen to ignore the Planning Department of Galway City Council” as it is now November and nothing has been done to remove the equipment or vacate the offices.

“What the community is calling for is fair play and for State institutions such as NUIG to respect the residential area they are based in,” he said. “I am calling for the immediate and speedy removal of the communications equipment which is degrading one of the finest surviving 1930s terraces in the city.”


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