Helping people with arthritis live quality lives

An award winning programme which helps people with arthritis live high quality lives will run in Gort for the next few weeks.

Arthritis Ireland’s award winning self management programme “Living Well With Arthritis”, which began at Sullivan’s Royal Hotel, Gort, recently will continue weekly until November 17.

The programme gives people with arthritis the knowledge and practical skills they need to live their best possible quality of life, according to Arthritis Ireland.

International research and evaluation proves that by participating in the programme people learn how to decrease their pain, reduce their fatigue, introduce exercise and relaxation into their daily lives, increase their self confidence in managing their arthritis, rely less on medical services and improve their sense of well being.

The course is given by people who have arthritis as well as health professionals working with people with arthritis. Participants benefit not only by learning from the course leaders but by meeting with and talking to others with arthritis who are experiencing similar circumstances, say the organisers.

Arthritis Ireland says it helps people with arthritis reclaim their lives. “It provides real solutions by empowering people with arthritis and those caring for them to take positive action to manage the effects of their disease on their lives. It offers a wide range of practical and emotional support through its educational programmes, its helpline and through a network of nationwide volunteer branches.”

For further information contact Svetlana at (01 ) 6470206 or email [email protected].



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