A new diploma course in Plexus Bio Energy

A new diploma training course in Plexus Bio Energy starts in Galway next month.

Plexus bio energy involves the rebalancing and locating of energy blockages around the body.

These energies are like electrical currents going through the body — in other words, the electricity of the body. Therapists are able to feel those energies and can locate and diagnose blockages in the body which can cause physical, mental, and emotional problems.

Over a four day treatment Plexus Bio Energy therapists work on rebalancing these blockages. During this treatment people feel sensations like tingling, coolness and heat, and a drawing back sensation. Plexus bio energy works with all types of illness and for people of all ages — asthma, arthritis, depression, sport injuries, colic, blood pressure, back and stomach problems, etc.

Plexus Bio Energy advises people to have three four-day sessions of treatment over a period of six weeks to bring them back to full health. The company has enjoyed great results over the past 16 years in its practice in Merchants Road, Galway.

For further information on Plexus Bio Energy and the diploma course, contact Plexus Bio Energy. Participants with receive all necessary information, course outline, etc. For information contact Tina or Michael at (091 ) 568855 or (087 ) 2810055.


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