Make a grand entrance

We all know that first impressions are critical. Research has shown that 55 per cent of a person’s first impression is from visual impact. The hallway is the first impression your guests have to the inside of your home. It should be bright, airy, and inviting, not dark and enclosed.

If you are lucky enough to have a very large hallway or entrance here are some tips to decorate it and create the feel for a grand entrance and set a mood for your home the moment someone walks through the door.

Selecting furniture for your entrance

The entrance of your home makes a lasting impression while also giving visitors a glimpse of what to expect while visiting your home. You should choose the most dramatic decor items for the entrance since they are there solely to make an impact, not necessarily to provide comfort.

Some furniture pieces you might consider for the entrance include a medium-sized oval or round table, a fancy antique chair, or a chair that resembles a work of art. Keep in mind that this will not be a living area, so the chair doesn't have to be comfortable!

An antique loveseat with velvet seats and brass trim might do the trick. If you're an art fan, a dramatic sculpture can be placed at the entrance near a large plant.

Antique style desks, benches, or cabinets with unusual carved designs are also great for creating a captivating entrance decor, such as a mahogany wood cabinet or an elegant upholstered bench. You might already have the perfect piece for your entrance stored away in your attic. With a little polishing or refurbishing, old furniture pieces can quickly become extravagant decor items.

Accessories for your entrance ambience

If you have a table in your entrance, you can decorate it with a dramatic table runner made of lace or unique pattern designs, a gorgeous tiffany lamp, an unusual vase with fresh or silk flowers, a book with a fancy cover or an old photo in a very nice frame.

Portraits or framed wall paintings can be used to adorn the walls of your entrance while portraying an image to your guests.

Practical accessories such as a coat rack, key holder, etc, may also fit well with your decor. Your entrance is a place where your family comes in and out throughout the day and can be practical as well as decorative. Try to avoid clutter, but never hesitate to make your entrance useful.

Colour co-ordinating your entrance

The colours of your entrance should be soothing, warm, and friendly. Beige or mauve pastels create a comforting atmosphere while also blending with almost any decor. Keep the colours neutral in case you want to change your entrance decor occasionally.

If you're thinking of replacing the flooring or carpet, consider hardwood flooring or linoleum that gives the appearance of hardwood. If your entrance is carpeted, you can use a nice oriental rug that blends well with your colour scheme.

Entrance lighting

Sufficient lighting should be provided in your entrance, but it doesn't have to bright or blinding. A soft lamp can be used if you don't have overhead lighting. If you're going to use overhead lighting, illuminate your entrance with an interesting chandelier.

Occasional changes to your hallway decor

If you get bored with the same old look quickly, place some items in your entrance that can quickly change its look and feel. For example, you might have several lamps you can change occasionally. If you use a cloth or runner to decorate your entrance table, you can switch several of these around. Flowers or plants can also be rotated without a lot of expense. If you have a loveseat, throw rugs can be rotated. Changing just a few of the simplest items can create a whole new look for your entrance.

Creating an elegant, but warm and friendly, entrance enables you to give your guests a lasting first impression. You can establish a certain mood for your entire home with the entrance.

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