UNWRA delegate to give eye-witness account of Gaza

In a presentation to be held at The Imperial Hotel tonight (Thursday ) UNWRA delegate Susan Johnson will give an eye-witness account of what the people of Gaza have endured.

Johnson was invited by UNWRA to take part in a fact-finding mission to Gaza in June of this year, an experience which left her deeply shocked. During the power-point presentation, Johnson will give a first-hand account of what the local people endured, the trauma, the shock, and the complete devastation. The presentation will also delve into the events to find out the causes of the current crisis and also looks at the passionate efforts of many New York Jews who oppose Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians.

Johnson was a quiet wife of a mathematician, a mother, and a grandmother, but since her visit to Gaza she has become committed to the work of improving the life of these wounded people who now exist in bombed-out rubble with almost all services destroyed.

Also speaking will be Derek Graham and his wife Jenny. The Mayo man will talk about his efforts to sail to Gaza port just a few months ago with relief supplies, medicines, food, toys, and a small amount of cement. This aid mission hit the headlines when the boat was taken and its occupants put into custody. Nobel prizewinner Mairead Corrigan-Maguire was one of the people detained.

The presentation will take place tonight (August 20 ) at 8pm in The Imperial Hotel, Eyre Square.


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