Seat Ibiza Ecomotive sets world fuel-saving record

Seat boasts that its Ibiza Ecomotive is undisputedly the most ecological vehicle in its segment.

The claim comes after proving its driving efficiency by covering no less than a distance of 1,562 km on a single tank of fuel, resulting in an average consumption figure of 2.9 l/100 km. or 95mpg.

This incredible feat was carried out by Austrian Gerhard Plattner, a well-known champion of fuel economy tests, who got the most out of the Ibiza Ecomotive's abilities.

Plattner drove out of the Seat facilities near Barcelona in the Ibiza Ecomotive on April 27 after both the bonnet and the fuel tank filler had been sealed. The trip was supervised by the International Police Motor Corporation and was initially planned along a 1,345 km route from south to north on public motorways.Plattner drove the Ibiza Ecomotive through Perpignan, Avignon, Lyon, Mulhouse, Freiburg, Frankfurt, and finally Gottingen on his way to setting the record. At points along the motorways in Spain and France, Plattner drove the Ibiza up to cruising speeds of 110km/h.

When they reached Frankfurt, the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive had already set the world fuel-saving record for a car in its category, but there was still some fuel left in the tank, so Plattner decided to continue driving until he reached Gottingen, where the chairman of the IPMC removed the seal from the filler cap and they refuelled the car with the exact same quantity as when the car had left Martorell: 45.53 litres.

A smiling Plattner declared that "setting this record has been incredible”.

“Without a doubt, it has been the most spectacular fuel-saving challenge this year. The pouring rain practically all through the night made driving difficult, but the Ibiza Ecomotive performed to perfection."

The Seat Ibiza Ecomotive is the leading car in its segment in terms of sustainability and the Spanish brand's most ecological car, thanks to its low fuel consumption figure of only 3.7 l/100km (76mpg ) and CO2 emissions level of 98g/km.

Optimised streamlining, weight reduction and modifications to the 80hp 1.4 TDI engine's management have given rise to one of the cleanest cars on the market today. Besides, it is the only model equipped with air-conditioning, a five-door body style and such a low emissions level.

The Seat Ibiza Ecomotive will be available in Ireland from September.


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