Limited edition Golf to celebrate 50 years

Volkswagen will celebrate 50 years of the Golf with a limited edition model.

Volkswagen will celebrate 50 years of the Golf with a limited edition model.

The iconic Volkswagen Golf is celebrating its 50th birthday. One of the greatest stories in automotive history began in March 1974 when Volkswagen began series production of the Golf in Wolfsburg, Germany.

And, with more than 37 million units sold, the Golf has since become one of the most successful cars in the world.

The first new Golf models began to arrive in dealers’ showrooms from July 1974. As the successor to the legendary Beetle (a fellow icon that was produced more than 21.5 million times ), the Golf, developed by Giorgio Giugiaro and Volkswagen Design, had to live up to lofty expectations.

It did so in every way: enjoying phenomenal success, the Golf quickly became a household name and a member of the family due to its reliability and versatility.

To celebrate this 50th anniversary, Volkswagen has welcomed the new updated Golf, with prices starting from €32,680 in Ireland. In addition, a brand-new, limited, anniversary edition trim, ‘Edition 50’, has been added to the line-up.

Starting from €37,500, the ‘Edition 50’ trim comes with a host of new features that commemorate the Golf's golden anniversary. ‘Edition 50’ models, which are limited in number, include a 3D-Plakette 50-year logo on the B-pillar, scuff plates with an ‘Edition 50’ year logo, leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel with 50-year logo, 18-inch alloy wheels and a large, 12.9-inch touchscreen Navigation system.

Speaking on the 50-year anniversary of the Golf, Alan Bateson, director of Volkswagen Ireland said: “We are very proud of the Golf’s legacy in Ireland and the fact it has played such a pivotal role in Irish family life over many generations, offering reliability and versatility for our customers.

"We look forward to marking this milestone with a carefully crafted marketing campaign to celebrate 50 years of Golf in Ireland and welcome the addition of a special, limited ‘Edition 50’ trim that is sure to be a hit with customers.”


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